I consider myself to be a highly responsible, hard-working, dependable and proactive nice human specimen. My constant goal is to help others achieve theirs, so I aim to be determined and collaborative in order to get the needed results, while also enjoying the journey.

My workflow tends to naturally start in paper, with pencil and (probably different) pens, regardless the kind of project I put my hands on. It can either be to write down quick thoughts or doodle the ideas that might come rapidly into my head. Mind mapping is a big part of this process, especially when I'm on board a brand identity design project.
From afar, my process is most likely to be perceived as linear: from research, to quick sketching, to prototyping, and then finalizing with a clean design. However, it is more of a ping-pong match at times, given that there are moments in the iteration that I need to go back to previous stages to find another route. I don't think there is only one way that will get us where we need to land and this approach can open possibilities that can surprise us.

I strongly believe that research is fundamental whenever starting a new project, as it only contributes to the depth and consistency of the final product. I’m always looking forward becoming a better designer, not only in technical skills and knowledge, but also in the thought process behind it. I constantly try to approach a project with a compassionate perspective, combined with a dual speed of mind: being patient and understanding, but also having a proper sense of urgency. I am sure these things improve the work environment and lead the way to better results.

Finally, as a versatile designer, I have a few favourite digital tools. Just like many others, Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom have always been my go-to softwares. Most recently, I have started a brilliant journey with incorporating Figma to my toolbox as I am highly interested in human centred design and user experience. Every now and then I will try to take a humble shot to animation, so I am no stranger to After Effects.
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